The little ones skated and danced so beautifully that everyone was amazed. Their dance captivated many

Perhaps the most beautiful sport is ice skating, which is both a sport and a dance. Ice skating is a completely different sport, it is a real art.

It combines dance, flight, various music, smooth and graceful movements, acrobatics and even a certain plot.

Elegance and synchronism of movements, together with the sports elements of ice skating, are very attractive to the audience.

On the ice, the skaters seem to live their whole lives during the performance with love, tragedies, etc.

Ice skating, in principle, is a rather interesting format of artistic creativity, which allows through the movements of athletes to convey the director’s idea without words.

Ice skating is practiced from an early age and already at a young age achieve great results.


Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and Ilya Makarov's stunning ice skating performance
The duet of nine-year-old Evelina and twelve-year-old Ilya shook the hall and won the hearts of the audience.

The young talents performed very emotionally and blatantly prepared.

The performance was based on a plot from the film Lalaland and the music was chosen from the same film.

Bright outfits of young boy and girl and their sincere emotions made their performance unforgettable.

Evelina and Ilya skate in pairs for a long time and are close friends with each other. In pair skating, it is very important that there are trusting relationships between partners.

Evelina Pokrasnetyeva and Ilya Makarov's stunning ice skating performance

Ilya and Evelina have been preparing for this performance for almost a year, honing every move and jump.

Their diligence paid off. They performed great. The performance was perfect in terms of technique, plasticity and artistry.

Spectators and judges appreciated the pair to the maximum. The children’s coach was Ilya Averbukh and he supported them in every possible way from the podium.

Averbukh was very worried about his students and watched their performance in suspense.

When Ilya and Evelina finished their performance, the coach hugged them tightly and congratulated them on a wonderful debut.

The feelings and emotions that every spectator and athlete experiences are indescribable and unique, feelings for the athlete, for his result, so that he does not fall and skate cleanly.

Sport and art this is the perfect harmony of ice skating. Ice skating has become even more popular in our time.

More and more ice skating schools are opening, various TV shows are being filmed on ice on television.