The old grandmother remembered her youth and began to dance to pleasant music

In old age, sometimes the inclinations can be different. One can be content with sitting at home, another listening to music, another reading a book and other various interesting occupations that will help to cope with old age. 91-year-old Julia Lewis also found an interesting occupation for herself, and with it an interesting one. changed her life.

She loved to sing and dance, and here at the age of 91 she was attracted to fast dances. The penetration of dance and music into her life made the old woman more lively and full of energy. She was a resident of Magnolia Springs Southpoint in Indianapolis, Indiana, who enjoyed spending a lot of time singing and dancing.She admitted that music is what changes her life and the world in general. She even showed off her unique dance moves on the last day of her physical therapy, which were really quite impressive for a woman of her age. In her opinion, if she could do that dance everyone can perform the number.

In one of the videos, you can watch how Lewis the jitterbug dances, ignoring his age. His dance to Elvis Presley’s song “Jailhouse Rock” went viral on the Internet, and when the video was posted on Facebook, it got a lot of likes. The post has been viewed more than 90,000 times.
His advice was that people should be the way they are and not look at the opinion of others and other circumstances. Such women can be a very good example for those around them. Such a performance not only inspired the old woman, but also the viewers. She appreciated the value of life and valued every second she lived. In such cases, age is not a price at all. The important thing is to be young and meaningful in the soul. and not some number that should be decisive for a person.