The statement means that she was not accepted by others because she was born without eyes, and some even suggested that she should be sacrificed because they believed she did not deserve anyone’s love. To rephrase it, it could be said that she was ostracized due to her lack of eyesight and faced the prospect of being offered as a sacrifice because some considered her unworthy of affection

In a small village nestled deep in the forest, a baby girl was born. But to the dismay of her parents and the rest of the community, she was born without eyes.

Her parents were heartbroken, and the community was quick to judge and ostracize the little girl. Some even suggested that she should be sacrificed because they believed she did not deserve anyone’s love.
The little girl grew up in a world of darkness, isolated and alone. Her parents did their best to shelter her from the harshness of the outside world, but they couldn’t protect her from the cruel words and the cold stares of their neighbors.

As she grew older, the girl began to understand the severity of her situation. She realized that she was different from everyone else and that no one wanted to be her friend. She longed for companionship and acceptance but found none. Despite her disability, the girl was intelligent and resourceful. She learned to navigate her world without sight, relying on her other senses to guide her. She could hear the slightest rustle in the leaves, feel the vibrations of footsteps on the ground, and even smell the different scents of the forest.

One day, while wandering in the forest, she stumbled upon a wounded bird. Without hesitation, she took the bird home and nursed it back to health. The bird became her constant companion and her only friend.

The little girl’s kindness and compassion for the bird did not go unnoticed. Slowly but surely, the people in the village began to see her in a new light. They realized that she was not unworthy of love and acceptance, but rather a special and unique individual. In time, the girl’s reputation spread beyond the village, and people came from far and wide to meet her. They were amazed by her abilities and inspired by her courage. The girl had become a symbol of hope and acceptance, and her story touched the hearts of many.

As for the villagers who had once ostracized her, they were filled with remorse and shame.

They had judged the girl without understanding her, and they knew that they had been wrong. They apologized to her and welcomed her with open arms.