They Brоke His Jaw And Threw Him Out Of A Mоving Car, But He Still Gives Kisses

A puppy named Otto was found abandoned on the roadside along with his sisters. While his siblings appeared traumatized and malnourished, it was Otto who was suffering from unbearable pain due to a jaw broken in two places. The rescuers suspect that the litter was discarded from a car.

In a video, we witness Otto in the arms of his caregiver after undergoing surgery. Despite a rough start in life, Otto is now brimming with affection for the humans around him. When a staff member shows him kindness, he eagerly showers her with kisses, even though it must have been very painful to move his jaw!

The costs of Otto’s surgery and recovery were a source of concern for the shelter. When they shared his dire situation on social media, numerous animal lovers stepped forward to cover his medical expenses. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Otto is now on the road to recovery.

While all of Otto’s littermates have found forever homes, three-month-old Otto requires special care until his jaw fully heals. His feeding tube has been removed, and he can now eat on his own. He will soon be placed with his foster parents. We hope that the resilient and affectionate Otto finds his forever home soon.