This hospital prohibits pets, but this man sneaks his dog in a suitcase to see his dying wife

It’s not really an option to deny the person you love their final request–even if it’s against the rules. According to a Reddit post, a man went above and beyond to make sure that his dying wife was able to see their beloved dog one more time before she passed away.
According to the post, the man’s wife had an invasive surgery that did not end with the best results. With only days to live, she asked her husband to bring their 50-pound Austrailian Sheppard to the hospital for a final farewell. Of course, pets are against hospital policy, but the man was committed to finding a solution.

The man describes the solution for covertly moving the dog, “As it turns out, she fits nicely in a normal suitcase.” He simply rolled her into the hospital under the guise that the bag was filled with various comfort items for his wife (not exactly a lie). As if somehow knowing the urgency of the situation, the dog didn’t make a sound the entire time she was enclosed in the suitcase.
Once in the room, the dog jumped on the bed, careful to avoid the IV and wires, and rested on the woman’s chest until she woke up. The dog whimpered and licked her owner, careful not to make too much noise.

As it turns out, a nurse did catch the dog in the room, but was so touched by the scene that she didn’t report the violation.
In the end, the woman got her wish to see her dog once more and passed just a few days later. Heartbreakingly, the post indicates that now every time the dog sees a suitcase, she thinks she is supposed to get inside to see her owner again.
The connection between a dog and its owner couldn’t be more apparent than it is in this story. Share with the dog lover in your life.