This Pup Had The Sweetest Reaction When He Realized That He Was Leaving The Shelter

Even though many shelters do everything they can to ensure that the animals in their care have the best and most comfortable stay ever, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Every animal needs a hooman of their own in order to be truly happy.

So, if an animal stays a long time in the shelter, it can tend to lose hope, become unhappy, or even depressed.

Luckily, there are foster homes to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Arriving At The Shelter

adult brown dog

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Before a pup named Ronnie arrived at the Dallas Animal Services (DAS), one of the largest municipal animal shelters in the country, he was a wandering stray with nowhere to go.

However, as soon as he entered the Dallas shelter, this adorable pup felt as happy as one could be. He was proudly walking around the shelter, introducing himself to everyone and showing what a good boy he was.

“He was a happy, friendly, wiggly boy who was so excited to see his human friends,” the public information coordinator at Dallas Animal Services, Marlo Clingman, told The Dodo.

Since DAS always aims to get their animals into loving foster or forever homes as soon as possible, Ronni’s case was no different.

And, after being a good, patient boy, a family reached out to the Dallas shelter and offered to foster Ronni.

At The Fosters

As soon as Ronni’s foster mom came to pick him up, the happy pup couldn’t contain his excitement.

“He was thrilled to meet his foster mom, Ashley. He was all smiles and wags from the second he hopped in their car,” he added.

Luckily, Ashley snapped a photo of Ronni when they got in the car, and that’s when she noticed just how much this meant to him.

“His smile was so big he couldn’t keep his eyes open,” he said.

happy dog and woman in the car

Ronni was so amazed at the fact that he was finally going to be a house dog to a family who would truly love him.

As soon as he stepped a paw into his new home, this happy pup knew that this was going to be a place of love, fun, and cuddles.

He immediately got on his best behavior, and he often shows just how grateful he is by showering his foster family with kisses every chance he gets.

dog laying on the rug

Seeing how much love one pup can have in its heart, his foster family hopes that he will be adopted by somebody who will not only treat him the way he deserves, but also give back that love a thousand times more.

“Ronnie loves to play and would be happy to have a big doggie buddy to romp around with or at least a friend to have playdates with. He likes men and women equally — he loves his foster mom and dad so much for breaking him out of the shelter. He has met a toddler and did great — he gave him a big sloppy, doggie kiss!” said Marlo.

gut sitting next to dog

Final Word

I am sure that this happy pup will find a warm and loving forever home in no time and that he will spend the rest of his life in the embrace of a hooman who appreciates him and treats him the way he deserves.