Three Adorable German Shepherd Puppies Learn to Swim

“Their mom loves the water so it’s no surprise that these cute puppies are more than ready to get ready for their first swimming lesson”

A German shepherd named Lucy loves to swim. So, when she had a litter of puppies, her owner couldn’t wait to see if the puppies would follow in her paw prints.

Finally, the big day came. Mom and the puppies, Banjo, Rosie, and Matilda, are going to the pool. Would the puppies love the water as much as their mom does? It wouldn’t be long before they’d see the pool for the first time and everyone would find out.

When they arrived, Mom and her adorable puppies were very excited. They ran around the pool more than ready to see what adventure was in store for them. Little did the puppies know but they were headed for a massive bath.

But, before the puppies get introduced to the water, it’s safety first. Tiny puppy-sized life jackets are placed on each puppy and only then are they allowed closer to the water. They stand on the edge of the pool and watch Mom walk down the ramp toward the water. She is so sweet as she looks back as if to reassure them all is going to be okay.

Finally, Mom enters the water followed by the brave Pink girl. The puppy in pink quickly gets her sea paws and paddles after Mom. She’s so cute and a brave puppy that is showing off her confidence already.

Next up is Blue, who falls off the ramp and into the pool. He gets a little scared but no worries, they pluck him right out and show him he has nothing to fear. Back in the water, he gets a second chance and a better experience, even if he does fall back in a second time!

Then it’s Green pup’s turn. Green is fast in the water and seems to have been born to swim. But before she takes her first lap, she gives lots of the sweetest puppy kisses. When she’s done, she wobbles her way out of the pool.

Proud Lucy has now seen all her puppies swim in the pool. After a little rest, she heads back for another dip and the puppies go for another swim, too!

The cute puppies even take a ride on a surfboard, which is the cutest thing ever. After that, it’s another lap around the pool with an underwater camera view. After that, everyone out. It’s time to dry off and get some much-needed rest.

Even though swimming is gentle on the body, it’s still a lot of exercise and these pups are surely ready for a snack and a nap. Happy mom, Lucy, seems ready for a break, too. But, not before some belly rubs with the towel.

Watching the puppies learn to swim is so much fun. They look so cute in their life jackets that it’s impossible not to smile. Their mom is so happy and proud of them. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

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