We adopted a girl from an orphanage. She cried every night. I decided to ask the reason. Her answer filled my eyes with tears.”

jack and Hanna had been married for five years. They lived in love and harmony, had their own apartment, a decent income, and enjoyed vacations. But… this family had their own challenge. They couldn’t conceive a child, even though both were healthy and capable of having one. Doctors said, “If you had health issues, we could treat you, but right now, we don’t know what to treat.” So, the couple decided to adopt a child from an orphanage. They both immediately liked Elena, a six-year-old red-haired girl. However, adopting a child was not a simple process.

Adjusting to new parents was very difficult for Elena. She was distant and scared, avoiding affection and often crying at night. One day, Hanna asked her daughter why she cried, and it turned out that the girl feared being sent back to the orphanage. They managed to convince her that no one would send her back. Then, preparations for school began. Jack sat her on his lap, teaching her to read and count, while Hanna prepared various treats for her. Eventually, Elena got used to her new mom and dad, behaving as any beloved preschooler would.

Time passed, and Elena was ready for school. But a new challenge emerged; she couldn’t establish connections with her classmates and came home in tears. Her parents sought help from the school psychologist, and it made a difference. Soon, she had a friend in class, and they looked out for each other. When Elena entered the second grade, Hanna felt unwell and went to the doctors.

It turned out she was pregnant. Jack was overjoyed. He told his daughter, “Soon, you’ll have a little brother or sister!” Elena was surprised, saying, “How? Mom doesn’t have a belly!” Hanna chuckled, “Kids these days are so well-informed.”

When the couple’s son was born, Elena declared, “Dad’s job is to earn money for us, and I’ll help Mom with the little brother!” That’s how it happens – you open your heart, and soon, they’ll send you their own child.