Willie Nelson reveals shocking way his former wife found out about longtime affair

Now, some truths are coming to light, revealed by the singer himself. Keep reading to know more about it.

Willie Nelson just revealed in his new Paramount+ show Willie Nelson & Family some things people have been wondering about for a while.

The four-part docuseries shows a side of Nelson that audiences have not seen before. The 90-year-old country crooner went into detail to describe when his ex-wife Shirley Collie found out about how he had been having an affair.

The way she had found out was shocking; she came across a very peculiar piece of mail.

He said his ex-wife Shirley stumbled across a hospital bill which helped her put two and two together. The bill was for the birth of a baby girl named Paula, born to his longtime girlfriend Connie.

He said, “Shirley wanted to know who in the hell was Connie Nelson,” the singer recalled the moment in the series. “The truth is, Connie had been my girlfriend for several years before becoming pregnant.”

His daughter, Lana Nelson, from his first marriage to Martha Matthews, added that at the time, Shirley had no idea there was a Connie. Until the moment she had seen the hospital bill, she had had no idea about the affair.

Shirley and Willie were separated just two years after his daughter Paula was born to Connie. In 1971, the couple finalized their divorce. After the divorce, Willie quickly married Connie, to whom he was married till 1988.

During his relationship with Connie, Willie had another affair with makeup artist Annie D’Angelo. Then in 1988, he divorced Connie and wed Annie in 1991. He has been married to her ever since then.

Despite the fact that he has three ex-wives, two of whom have passed away. Willie says he believes everything that has happened in his life has happened for a reason.

“I’ve always said there’s no such thing as a former wife,” the singer said. “Once in your life, a wife never leaves. I regret the pain I caused Connie, and Martha and Shirley before her. I have no excuses. I’d be hard-pressed to define love. I know God’s love is pure, but worldly love is flawed love, and lots of times confused love,” the singer confessed.

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