Zoo goers enjoy watching a gorilla kissing its newborn baby all the time.

How do you like this video? Endearing, isn’t it? The female gorilla gave birth to a baby and treats him almost the same as a human mother: hugs, cuddles, coos something and even kisses!

Reminding us once again that the genomes of gorillas and humans differ by only 1.6%, that these great apes are the closest relatives of humans. And that love is as accessible to these primates as it is to us. And the best proof of this is these shots in which the monkey mother looks at her child with such love.

This video, of 15-year-old Kalaya, a gorilla kissing her baby Moka, has now become one of the most popular on the web. The shooting was carried out in one of the US zoos.

Interestingly, even during her pregnancy, specialists worked with Kalaya, teaching the expectant mother how to handle a newborn. And the result of these lessons is what you see in the video presented to you: the monkey mother behaves almost indistinguishably from human mothers.